The Story Behind the Brand

Safyooz is the creator of holistic experiences, designing more than just luxurious bathware products. Rather, we work with valuable natural resources to transform imagination into reality through detailed design, dedicated craftmanship, prominent heritage, and superior service.

The craftsmanship value is paramount to us and is best exemplified through our logo, which not only functions as a mark of quality, but also a certification of the craftsman’s excellence. Every Safyooz product is marked with this logo, which thus becomes an emblem of the deluxe value of craftsmanship.

Within the letter S are two drops of water that emphasize the brand’s focus, while the shield is a symbol of safety and strength: two values that are embedded in our products. Safyooz further introduces a visual signature in the form of more water droplets, emphasizing the meaning behind the brand’s name. It also signifies the spark of imagination—Safyooz transports its users to places beyond their imaginations.

Natural Resources

Curated with Passion

Adventurous at heart, we scour the world in search of the finest natural commodities to sculpt into our products.

A Technological First

The Safyotec™ Advantage

Safyotec is a composite material that consists of polymer mixed with fine powders extracted from natural stone. These are blended under controlled conditions and then worked into the final product with additional fiber reinforcement. The result, known as a hybrid reinforced composite matting structure, is then hand-machined to enhance its accuracy, precision, and artistic and visual performance.

The advantages of this product are manifold. Not only is it highly chemical resistant*, it is also resistant to wear, impact, and UV damage. More than this, it is visually sumptuous and odorless, making it the perfect material for our products.

*Our products can resist stains by a factor of 40% better than natural stone.


Bathware and Surfaces

Presenting our range of creations fashioned from the bounty of nature. Each has been created with meticulous attention to detail, as well as flair and ingenuity.


As well as its core focus of designing and creating luxury bathware, Safyooz also undertakes custom work for clients who are seeking inspirational products for exceptional properties. These can include anything from sculptures to stone benches to wall carvings, each created with Safyooz’s commitment to excellence and to perfectly complement any luxury environment.


Custom Seat Bench

Fusionopolis Garden, Singapore

Safyooz Artistry provides a wide range of outdoor and indoor needs ranging from sculpture, stone bench, wall carving, and more to complete your luxurious environment.

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Bathware and Surfaces

Bathware and Surfaces

A Selection of Handcrafted Luxury

All our products are carefully crafted to fit the needs of everyone from brand-leading hotels to the private properties of discerning homeowners.

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